Waugh, Alec: The Fatal Gift.

Waugh, Alec - The Fatal Gift. The Book Club, 1974. This is a work of fiction, the life-story of the second son of an obscure but affluent English peer, who was boren in 1903. It is told in the first person and the narrator, the 'I', is myself. No actual events have been dramatised, wth one esception. My brother Evelyn did in 1924 bring a girl to Oxford and take her, dressed up as a man, to an undergraduate 'binge' which was raided by the proctor and his bulldogs. The subsequent story of that lady - a furtunate and happy one - was entirely different from that of Judy. I have introduced one or two real people by their actual names. My hero going up to Oxford in October, 1922, would certainly have met Evelyn and Brian Howard, in New York in 1930-31 he would have been seeing Claud Cockburn, and as a staff officer in Cairo in 1942 he would probably have men Robin Maugham. I would see no point in finding pseudonyms for them. Nor did I see any point in finding a pseudonym for Dominica. The island is unique and this particular story could only have happened there. In Dominica my here would have met Elma Napier, Hohn Archbold and Stephen Haweis, so I have written about them as I would have done, and indeed have done, in a travelogue. I think this is legitimate in a novel, and I hope the reader will not be confused. (Forward). 8" x 5", 314pp, red buckram, hardback. Perfect-bound (like a paperback) hardback with spine creases; very good complete with very good wrapper.


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