Boethius: The Consolation of Philosophy.

Boethius - The Consolation of Philosophy. Translated and introduced by V. E. Watts. Folio Society, 2000, 3rd impression.

For over 1,000 years, The Consolation of Philosophy was the most popular book in Europe next to the Bible. Writing from a prison cell in the early sixth century, Boethius, former consul to the Gothic Emperor Theodoric, created a work of learning and beauty that would come to bridge the Classical and Renaissance worlds. He was born to the aristocracy and was a highly successful civil servant, but lost everything when Theodoric arbitrarily convicted him of treason. He wrote his book of quiet genius while awaiting execution, presenting it as a dialogue between himself and the incarnation of Philosophy. She demonstrates, one by one, how all the trappings of the life now denied him were transient and without true worth. Showing the misplaced values of human-kind, and addressing the ancient question of how a benevolent God can allow the evil to prosper at the expense of the virtuous, Philosophy proves to be Boethius's spiritual salvation. The contemporary relevance of his message is underlined in a preface by Brian Keenan, who, after four and a half years as a hostage in Beirut has a unique perspective on Boethius's experiences. (Folio Society).

9" x 6", 208pp plus 7 plates, cream paper printed in blue, red and brown, blocked in gold over front and spine, hardback. Illustrated with colour illuminations from from a 15th-century French manuscript by Jean Colombe.

Fine, unread, practically as new complete with slip-case.


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