Hammerton, John: The War Illustrated No. 219: November 9 1945.

Hammerton(ed.), John - The War Illustrated No. 219: November 9 1945. Volume 9. Amalgamated Press.

Contents (page headings): Trouble Flares Up inJava and Indo-China, picture story; This Holland Needs Our Help by Godfrey Winn; What We Escaped in 1940 by Charles Gwynn; Passing the Time with Our Army on the Rhine, picture story; How the Barham was Lost by Francis E. McMurtrie; The Navy's Midget Submarines at Close Quarters, picture story; Life Guards Again at the Old Familiar Archway, photo; The Greatest Mopping-Up Operation in History (salvaging/recycling war materials) by Martin Thornhill; Now British Scientists Fire V2s from Germany, picture story; At Biggin Hill 'Where They Won the War'; When London's Docks Visited the Clyde; Batgtle to Save War-Famous Dutch Island (Walcheren); Where Nazi Tank Crews Trained in Norway - Victims Were Tumbled into Nameless Graves; First Home by Sea from Far East, picture story; Our Lightships in the War by Hamilton Fyfe; Now it Can Be Told ('Ghost' Fors Sent to Crash on Heligoland; Human Minesweepers and Divers of the R.N.; Monty's D-Day Bluff Foxed the Germans); Will Atomic Weapons Cancel Themselves Out?; Harnessing the Atom for Peacetime Purposes (Train, House, Ocean Liner); Reconstruction of Poland's Wrecked Capital, picture story; I Was in Java's Semi-Beleagured Capital; Pans and Kettles from Sky-Battle Veterans; I Walked Into a Junkyard and Found Green Gold (Tokyo 7 weeks after surrender); R.A.F. Dinghies in Action on a Flooded Airfield (India); Radar in the Air War by Norman Macmillan; Editorial; In Britain Now: Planning the Army's Future, picture story. 11" x 8¾", 32pp, magazine. Illustrted in monochrome with photographs (centrefold reproduced photogravure).

Staples rusty but relatively sound; very good.


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