Various: The Girl's Own Annual Vol. 54 (LIV).

Various - Girl's Own Annual Vol. LIV (54). RTS, not dated, 1933? From volume 51 the Girl's Own Annual became a real-girls' annual rather than the young woman's magazine it had been previously. 11¼" x 8¼", 576pp plus 4 plates, pale-blue cloth, front board blocked with an edge design in blind, gold spine lettering and decoration in blind, hardback. Illustrated endpapers (identical). Contents: 'Mysterious Margaret' by Diana Pares; 'Phyl's Cave Club' by Bertha Leonard; 'Popular Names for Girls'; 'Catering as a Career' by Winifred Bear; 'All for Lalmount: A Canadian Ice Hockey Story' by William Macmillan; 'The Harmonica: A Musical Instrument for Girls' by H. A. Bridges; 'For the Sake of Shirley' by E. M. de Foubert; 'Hockey - Hints to Half-backs' by E. Y. Chamberlin; 'Minty and Madame' by Dora M. Hardisty; 'An Interesting Handcraft: Passe-Partout' by E. Beadle; 'Bulbs in Sponges'; 'Erica and the Others' by Joan Herbert; 'Other People'; 'Madge's Good Deed' by Theo Lynch; 'A Parchment Fireplace Screen' by Monica Swanwick; 'Hockey: Good Timps for Forwards' by E. Y Chamberlin; 'I Trust my Cat every Time' by Princess Irene Wisziewska; 'Animal Weather Prohpets'; 'The Silver Foil' by Eve Wildacre; 'A Triumph of Courage' by Grace Uvedale; 'Something New in Handcrafts: Gummed Paper Craft' by E. Beadle; 'Glass Bangles' by S. L. Bastin; 'The Theif' by Winifred Bear; 'A Parable that came to Life' by Rev. Stuart Robertson; 'A Cave Adventure' by Mrs A. C. Osborn Hann; 'Why You Blink'; 'Where Fireworks are Made' by Alan St H. Brock; 'The Events of a Night' by Phyllis I. Norris; 'Novelties in Sealing Wax' by L. Stollard; 'For Christmas Presents: Less the "Wise Owl" Help You' by Pensta Hill; 'Hockey - The Art of Shooting' by E. Y. Chamberlin; 'Winter Photography' by Gwyneth Pennethorne; 'A Schoolgirl's Christmas Carol'; 'The Grandfather Clock' by Wallace Carr; 'Nursing as a Career for Girls' by Mabel Minshall; 'How to Make Spore Prints'; 'Prince Jolly Jinks' by Olive Chandler; 'A Gross of Green Spectacles'; 'Why Did She do It' by Rev. Stuart Robertson; 'Hand-Printed Christmas Cards' by Marjorie Bywater; 'Giving an Animal Medicine' by S. Leonard Bastin; 'Leathercraft' by E. Beadle; 'Games You Will Like' by Sid G. Hedges; 'The Secret of the Brown Shed' by Constance M. Evans; 'Making things with Moss' by S. Leonard Bastin; 'The Saxon Girl Makes Herself a New Dress, 1000 A.D.'; 'How to Seat a Fender Stool' by Marjorie Bywater; 'Only a Breath'; 'The Kimberwick Ghost' by Hilda Kingsley; 'The Age of an Egg' by Elsie Shaw; 'Making Shadow-Pictures'; 'Holiness' by Rev. Stuart Robertson; 'Would You Like to be a Detective?' by Norah Cameron; 'Farm Holiday' [verse]; 'Self-defence for Girls' by Edwin Felstead; 'Garry's Friends' by May Wynne; 'Making up Crossword Puzzles' by Mary Seabright; 'A Pair of Book-ends' by Marjorie Bywater; 'When You Leave School why not a Career in Salesmanship?' by D. W. Hughes; 'When Flowers are Scarce' by Mary Carter; 'The Mystery of Ravenden' by Joy Francis; 'A Helpful Touch' by Eve Burnley; 'Making a Dress- 1400' by Joan Burr; 'As the Rain' by Rev. Stuart Robertson; 'Shaker Helps Things Along' by Helena Coombe; 'Salad in Pie Dishes'; 'Telling the Height of an Elephant' by S. L. Bastin; The "Savage Alsatian" Myth by Lady Angus Kennedy; 'Bead Bookmarkers' by Monica M. Swanwick; 'Literary Success' by G. Holman; 'Realisation' by E. M. Haines; 'Girl Musicians' by Goodwin Russell; 'Cows on a Fish Diet' by E. Tusting Cocking; 'The Nicest Ordinary' by Jane G. Stewart; 'Edgings' by May Salter; 'Skating at the Ice Rink' by Sid G. Hedges; 'Playtime of Long Ago: Ball Games' by Hilda Finnemore; 'A Duchesse Set in Applique' by Marjorie Bywater; 'Meave the Mascot' by Estrith Mansfield; 'A Good Sport' [is and is not]; ' A Heroine Malgre Lui' by Frances Cowen; 'What About Exploring?' by H. P. Vince; 'April Subjects for the Camera' by Gwyneth Pennethorne; 'For your Coat Collar' by Myrtle Grant; 'Playtime of Long Ago: Out-Of-Door Games'; 'My Garden without Soil'; 'Helen's Burglars' by Elizabeth Brittain; 'Lady-birds - by Request' by May Winchester; 'Making a Dress - 1560' by Joan Burr; 'Boxes in Chip-Carving' by Marjorie Bywater; 'Apricot Jam' by Mary Shelley; 'Caught by a Kodak' by Doris A. Pocock; 'Keep Your Hobbies'; 'Give your Friends a Scottish Tea!' by Winifred Bear; 'Different' by Ierne Ormsby; 'Make a Bag-Cushion'; 'Playtime of Long Ago: Board Games' by Hilda Finnemore; 'Schoolgirls of Samoa' by Hilda E. A. Small; 'Pen's Last Fling' by Phyllis Kerr; 'Earwigs as Mothers' by F. M. Brummitt; 'The Passing of the Marquis de Vallecourt: A Story of the French Revolution' by A. Demain Grange; 'Kug-Yuk and the Polar Bear: A Story of a Brave Eskimo Girl' by William MacMillan; 'The Strange Disappearance of Miss Rachel Haybittle' by Dorothy Dennison; 'M'Comie Mor of Glenshee' by Eileen M'Combie Young; 'Hankies' by Carol Day; 'Commercial Art as a Career' by Barbara Adams; 'A Lighthouse Tragedy' by M. S. Tustin; 'Get into the Tennis Six' by Jane Thornicroft; 'Pretty Local Names for Birds' by Mary Boazman; 'The Girl who knew Success' by Frances Cowen; 'Secrets of the Sands' by E. Tusting Cocking; 'You and Your Tortoise'; 'Playtime of Long Ago: Animal Games'; 'A Tennis Cover you can Make Yourself' by Mary Rose; 'What the Outdoor Girl Can Do' by D. W. Hughes; 'Linden's Luck' by Dora M. Hardisty; 'For Your Friend's Birthday' by Monica M. Swanwick; 'How to Play Backhand Shots' by Jane Thornicroft; 'I've Nothing to Wear!' by Mary Rose; 'The Girl of Regency Times makes Herself a Dress, 1811-1820'; 'Money - or your Life!' by Marjorie Bevan; 'Hairdressing'; 'Painting on Three-Ply Wood' by Marjorie Bywater; 'Those Wonderful Seeds' by Edna Martin; 'Umbrellas as Telephones'; 'The Modern Crawl' by Janet Bassett-Lowke; 'The Feeble Boy from Next Door' by Winifred Bear; 'Ruth's Test' by J. M. Mackinnon; 'The Mermaid's Purse' by Ivy Scott Rogers; 'Wooden Worship' by Sutart Robertson; 'Kennel Maids' by May Marshall; 'A Moorland Adventure' by Norah Cameron; 'If You Go Camping' by Winifred Bear; 'August Subjects for the Girl Photographer' by Gwyneth Pennethrone; 'The Fortune of Peace: A Tale of the Spanish Armada' by V. C. Alexander; 'Making a Dress in Queen Anne's Time, 1702-1714' by Joan Burr; 'Tennis Tips: Footwork' by E. Y. Chamberlin; 'Experiment with your Colours'; 'In Partridge Hollow' by Ivy Scott Rogers; 'How to Enjoy Poetry' by Desmond Brittain; 'The Tone of St Margaret's' by M. Whitlow; 'Mal de Mer' by E. Tusting Cocking; 'School-Marm on the Prairie' by C. Chandler; 'The Girl with the Twinkly Eyes' by Isabel Lade; 'Make your own Silhouettes' by Carol Day; 'The Civil Service for Girls' by D. W. Hughes; 'A Victorian Girl Makes Herself a Dress, 1851.' by Joan Burr; 'Running Away to Order' by F. M. Heward; 'A New Dress for You' by Hazel Gay; 'Poultry Farming for Girls' by May Marshall; 'Children of the Cave' by Ivy Scott Rogers; 'You Can Make These' by Tessa Gale; 'The Duck Pond' by Marjorie Bywater; 'Hikers - be Collectors' by Monica Swanwick; 'Transfroming Ann' by May Wynne; 'Lots in a Name!' by Norah Cameron; 'In Annecy' by Ethel l. Jones; 'How to Enjoy Shakespeare' by Desmond Brittain; 'Christ's Candlesticks' by Stuart Robertson; 'Defiance' by Ierne Ormsby; 'Original Bookmarkers' by monica M. Swanwick; and 'Turnspit Dogs of the Past' by Jane Purves. Illustrated with 4 attractive colour plates and within the text with monochrome drawings, typically c1930, and photographs. The front-half of both boards is 'washed-out' with similar patches over the remaining half of the boards, see photos (I'm not sure what caused this, the boards and cloth are sound, there is no smell, there is no marking or anything to the fore-edge of the text-block; possibly a chemical reaction between the cloth and wrapper); otherwise very good, clean, sound, solid copy complete with a good only (slightly sunned spine; 5" tear down back spine fold from top and then 2" into back-panel; 4½" tear down back flap from top; edge/corner wear; chip by spine at foot of front-panel; wear/slight loss to head/foot of spine; 'dusty'; small hole near centre/front-edge of ront panel; etc, see photo) wrapper, not price-cut.


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