Spratt, Gladys M.: The Girl's Own Annual Vol. 56.

Spratt(ed.), Gladys M. - The Girl's Own Annual Vol. 56. RTS. Not dated, 1930s (1935?). This is a proper girl's annual (as opposed to Girl's Own Annuals up to vol. 50 which would be better described as a young woman's annual) with mainly school, mystery and adventure stories. 11¼" x 8¼", 576pp plus 4 plates, red cloth, front board blocked with title in blind, gold spine lettering, hardback. Contents: 'A Bo-Peep String Box' by Clarisse; 'The Russian Prince: A Sketch for Schoolgirls' by Irene D. Soole; 'G. O. P. Special Sports Section: Lacrosse Players Please note these Points' by C. Falcon; 'Shall I be a Gardener?: An Outdoor Profession' by Edna Lake; 'Taking Out Aunt Ann' by Mabel M. Stevenson; 'Something about Cobwebs' by E. Tusting Cocking; 'Reflections' by M. Free; 'It happens in October'; 'The Alarm Clock' by Stuart Robertson; 'Secrets of the Moor' by May Wynne; 'Hockey Hints'; 'Make Your Own Prints'; 'You and Your Dog'; 'Dicket: A Story of Friendships' by Jane Abbott; 'An Exciting Week-End' by Edith Miles; 'Lazy Daisies' by Mary Rose; 'Painting on Fabrics' by Marjorie Bywater; 'Shirley's Tiger' by Mary Shelley; 'Will It Be Fine?' by E. Tusting Cocking; 'Peace on Earth' by Stuart Roberton; 'The Truth about Dick Whitington'; 'Match Flowers' by A. A. Bond; 'Trapped with a Theif' by Heather White; 'Just a Letter!'; 'What is a Lifetime?' by E. Tusting Cocking; 'A Day in a Kennel-Maid's Life' by M. Murray-Lurcock; 'A Use for Small Scraps of Silk' by Beryl Netherclift; 'How to Make a Design' by Marjorie Bywater; 'G. O. P. Special Sports Section: Hints for Would-be Swimmers, Land Drill' by C. Falcon; 'Home-Made Decorations'; 'Camilla's cooking; A Fish Supper' by Gwyneth Pennithorne; 'You and Your sketch Book: The Sludgy-Squdgy Creek' by Hayward Young; 'Home-Made Sweets'; 'Weaving, the Hobby for You' by Sylvia Rose; 'Little Women of Real Life' by Mary C. Nunn; 'Little Women Spill Boxes and Letter Racks'; 'The Girl Goes Gardening in Roman Britain' by Joan Burr; 'How Flowers Advertise' by Chester Salthill; 'Christmas Gifts' by K. Hope Forrest; 'Your Very Own Cap and Scarf' by Mary Rose; 'A Christmas Vow' by Wallace Carr; 'How to Stencil Curtains for the Nursery' by Valentine Gorring; 'Christmas eve in Norway' by Ellen Hope; 'Unemployed Dogs' by robert Colville; 'Loopy Animals' by Ruby Evans; 'Your Old Table; 'Why girls Should Stamp'; 'Shopping on Robinson Crusoe's Isle' by K. Janvrin Tims; 'A Frock for the Fairy Queen' by Norah Cameron; 'Good-Night!'; 'Christmas Present from Wall-Paper: Imitation Leather Work' by Ruby Evans; 'A Shampoo Wrap' by J. Ashley; 'Christmas Fare' by Stuart Robertson; 'Masks and Faces: Some Ideas for a Christmas Party' by Marjorie Bywater; 'King Turkey Spreads Himself Befor the Final Sprea: The Story of Your Christmas Dinner' by Eric Hardy; 'G. O. P. Special Sports Section: Ar You going Winter-Sporting?' by C. Falcon; 'Knit a Jumper for Your Dog' by Jane Bevan; 'The Centenary - and Celia' by E. M. de Foubert; 'Party Games'; 'Steering Wheel or Spare Wheel?' by Stuart Robertson; 'The Battle of the Burrs' by F. M. Heward; 'The Early Worm' by E. Tusting Cocking; 'Nursery Rhyme Cushions for Your Den' by Marjorie Bywater; 'With All Good Wishes!' by Estelle Harbord; 'Original Parties and How to Run Them' by Ruby Evans; 'A Clever Girl'; 'In a Mirror Darkly' by Valentine Gorring; 'Kidnapped in the Landes' by Nesta B. Burditt; 'A Useful Trolley' by Ruby Evans; 'A Happy Life'; 'Snap Your Scholl Play' by Gwyneth Pennethorne; 'Has the Jil-of-All-Trades a Chance?: An Open Letter to One of Them'; 'I'll See You on the Ice!: Some Skating Hints' by Lucie Thausig; 'Pipe-cleaner Dogs'; 'Recognising Oneself' by Stuart Robertson; 'Duffy Goes to Sea Again: The Story of a Weird Cruise' by Beryl Irving; 'The Bird Cafeteria' by Winifred Bear; 'Synthetic Sketching' by Arthur Butcher; 'Your Very Own Dog: Some Things You Should Know' by C. Falcon; 'Be My valentine!: When Our Grannies Were Young' by Valentine Gorring; 'Music As A Career' by Norah Cameron; 'The Girl goes Gardening: In A Mediaval Castle Garden' by Joan Burr; 'Hilda Makes a Discovery' by Jane G. Stewart; 'School-days at Home and Abroad: In France'; 'Emblems and Symbols' by Marjorie Bywater; 'Two Queer Zoo Reptiles' by Gladys Davidson; 'The Art of Good Grooming' by Marjorie Bevan; 'When the Day is Young and Sweet: Some Hints for Your Den' by Clarisse; 'G. O. P. Special Sports Section: Learn to Dive this Year' by C. Falcon; 'Hocky Hints'; 'Tackle!: A Hockey Story' by R. C. Barnard; 'Glimpses at the World's Games: Hottentot "Hus"' by Joan Burr; 'Lion Taming' by Stuart Robertson; 'School-days at Home and Abroad: In Ceylon' by D. Kirby; 'Hot and Tasty!' by Winifred Bear; 'It Happens this Month: Pancake Day and Oranges and Lemons Day' by H. Worsley-Benson; 'Lieutenant: A Camping Story' by Mrs. A. C. Osborn Hann; 'The Fourth Form Rivals' by Patricia Brooke; 'Have You a Good Eye for Colour?: An Ideal Handicraft for Girls of all Ages'; 'Do You Live at brighton?' by Joan Burr; 'Glimpses at the World's Games: Domines from Italy' by Joan Burr; 'The Conceit of the Kid' by Isabel Lade; 'Princess Elizabeth's Cake' by Marly L. Stollard; 'Applique without Tears: A Quick and Modern Method' by Marjorie Bywater; 'Cape gooseberries: The Lamps of elfland'; 'The Lift of Love' by Stuart Robertson; 'Black Jan's Treasure: The Story of a Pirate's Hoard' by Isabel Cameron; 'The Parts of a Flower and What they Do' by J. Salmon; 'Netball Notes'; 'The Princesses Royal of England' by Helen M. Turner; 'A Phantom of the Skies' by Frances Cowen; 'Aviation as a Career for Girls' by Pauline Gower; 'Twenty-Five Years Ago' by Mary L. Stollard; 'Netball Notes'; 'For Your Den' by Winifred L. Escott; 'Aller - to go!' by Lilla Waithman; 'Useful Little Cases' by Mary Rose; 'How the Modern girl attains Strenght and Grace' by C. Falcon; 'The Queen and the Open Air' by Mona Miles; 'A Question of Balance: further Skating Hints' by Lucie Thausig; 'Cruising Craft' by Muriel Blackburn; 'Putting In and Getting Out' by Stuart Robertson; 'For the Sculpture-Minded: Carving in Alabaster' by Marjorie Bywater; 'The Queen Marks of England' by Helen B. Turner; 'The Girl goes Gardening: A Physic Garden in Chaucer's London' by Joan Burr; 'On Saleswomanship' by G. A. Adamson; 'It Happens in May: Beating the Bounds' by H. Worsley-Benison; 'The Royal Edwards of History' by Richard Southern; 'Just One Thing' by Margaret Smith; 'You and Your Camera: How the Camera Works' by Gwyneth Pennethorne; 'Can You row a Boat? by C. Falcon; 'Superstition' by Leslie Gordon; 'The stones of England' by W. Cyril Moss; 'How to Build a Summer House' by Leonora Fry; 'It Happens in June: Quit-Rents and tennis - Old and New' by H. Worsley-Benison; 'School-days at Home and Abroad: Austria' by Lydia S. Graham; 'Camilla's Cooking: How to Make Orange Baskets'; 'Recognisable Christians' by Stuart Robertson; 'Lino Blocks: How to Make Small Plaques and Medallions' by Marjorie Bywater; 'I Want to Be A - Nursery Nurse' by D. W. Hughes; 'Diet Without Tears: Helping Your Brain by the Food You Eat' by Winifred Bear; 'The Glory of an english June' by Eirc Hardy; 'A Sunshine Room' by Clarisse; 'School-days at Home and Abroad: In Germany'; 'Rounders' by C. Falcon; 'Thomasine to the Rescue' by Betty A. M. Byard; 'There's Many a Slip' by Isabel Lade; 'Success at School Sports' by E. Y. Chamberlin; 'Colours that Keep You Cool' by Norah Cameron; 'Are You Staying at Margate?' by Joan Burr; 'Camilla's Cooking: How to Make Almond Slices'; 'How to Focus Correctly' by Gwyneth Pennethrone; 'The Girl goes Gardening: A Tudor Maze' by Joan Burr; 'I Want to be a Games Mistress'; 'Aaron's Excuse' by Stuart Robertson; 'The Late Miss Larkins' by Doris A. Pocock; 'It Happens In July'; 'Are you a Folk-Dancer? by Rhoda Franklin; 'How to Play Your tennis Strokes' by C. Falcon; 'The Right Way with Goldfish' by Ian Harman; 'Caught in the Act' by major J. T. Gorman; 'Judy - the Perfect Big Sister' by M. F. Forsyth; 'The Maid in the Moon' by G. M. Barnes; 'Motor Cars and Motor Holiday' by C. H. Albrecht; 'One up to Peppermint' by Dora M. Hardisty; 'Tufty Finds a Friend' by Ivy Scott Rogers; 'How to take Real Pictures' by Gwyneth Pennethorne; 'School-days at Home and Abroad: In Italy'; 'Birds at the Seaside' by H. N. Southern; 'It Happens in August: A Druid Ceromony' by H. Worsley-Benison; 'Your Dog Must Have Traffic Sense' by C. Heath; 'Deck Tennis is a Good Game for the Garden' by Jane Bevan; 'Which is Your Sport?'; 'Argonauts and Whales' by Stuart Robertson; 'The Lone Mother' by Ivy Scott Rogers; 'Women's "Writes": On Collecting the Autographs of Well known Women' by W. Reginald Bray; 'Tennis Tips'; 'At the Fete' by Heather White; 'The Lamb' by William Blake; 'Camilla's Cooking: A Supper You Can Cook Yourself' by Gwyneth Pennethorne; 'You and Your Camera: Enlarging' by Gwyneth Pennethorne; 'Glimpses at the World's Games: Chess from the East' by Jaon Burr; 'What about a Post-card Zoo?' by P. Thornton; 'Old Necklets Make New Bracelets' by Ruby Evans; 'Off to sea on a Patino!' by Isabel Lade; 'Make Your Own Furniture' by Sadie Goddard; 'Colour and Light: Lampshades and Candleshades' by Marjorie Bywater; 'Dressing the Garden Paly' by Mararet Q. Haig; 'Make a Hiking Bag'; 'A cornflower Den'; 'bridesmaids' Headgear' by Mary Rsoe; 'It Happens in September: An Old City School at the Mansion House' by H. Worsley-Benison; 'Something New for You!' by Jacqueline Bennett; 'Garden Puzzles' by Amy Matthews; 'A Humpty Dumpty Pyjama Case' by Gillian Sanderson; 'School-days at Home and Abroad: At Home in the 'Seventies' by Mary Stollard; 'Lazy Plants' by E. Tusting Cocking; 'Rabits!: Angora Wool Production as an Occupation for Girls' by C. H. Williams; 'Keep Fit' by Muriel Blackburn; and 'Who Invented Ice Cream?'. Illustrated with 4 colour plates and within the text with monochrome drawings/photographs. Previous water damage to lower edges of boards and text-block, little internal effect; corners rouned; case detached at front at frontispiece/title-page; back hinge weak; title-page loose and a little wragged round its edges; chunk out of top-edge of page 119/122 (no loss of text); 2¾" tear to lower-edge of page 127/130 with chunk missing from page 127/128, no loss of text; good, internally clean, reading copy only, complete with poor wrapper that has numerous faults (see photos) but is not unreasonable (wrappers are very scarce with these annuals).


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