Various: The Girl's Own Annual Vol. 44.

Various - The Girl's Own Annual Vol. 44 (XLIV). Edited by Flora Klickmann. RTS. Not dated, 1923? These annuals (up to vol. 51) should be regarded as a young woman's annual rather than a children's annual (but you already knew that, of course). 11" x 8¼", 704pp plus 3 plates (inc. the title-page), greyish-green buckram, 7¼" x 5¼" colour illustration onlay on front board, decorative front-board boarder and spine design blocked in green, white and black; gold blocked spine lettering, hardback. Illustrated endpapers (monochrome toned). Contents: colour frontispiece: The Garden Girl by P. B. Hickling; colour decorated title-page with tissue divider; The World is My Kingdom by Mary Bardford Whiting, illus. by P. B. Hickling; Before You Knew [verse] by Mary E. Tongue; Workaday Songs by Hilary Brown; To Meet the Bishop by Ethel L. Earle, illus. Elizabeth Earnshaw; Next of Kin: A Poem for the Lonely by Fay Inchfawn; On Reaction: A Paper for the Discouraged by Lily Watson; Seen by our Readers in Other Lands, illus. photos and drawings; His Royal Highness the Duke of York: A Personal Sketch, illus. photos; The Clerkly Conscience and How it Makes or Hinders Promotion by Mrs Lovan, illus. Elizabeth Earnshaw; The Poet who Sang for the 'English Girl': Austen Dobson and his Work by Coulson Kernahan, illus Elizabeth Earnshaw; Cloths, Health and Happiness by Mrs Austen Chamberlain; What Might have Been: The Courageous Spirit that Maintains Hope in Face of Disappointment; The Court in Society [The Queen, Princess Juliana of the Netherlands, Miss 'Florence AUstral'], illus. photos; The Mother Heart by Gertrude Marcia Wheelock, illus. Elizabeth Earnshaw; The Editor Writes/Editor's Pages; Making Baskets from Iris Leaves by Mrs Quincy Williamson, illus. photos; Sammy's Swan Song by Hayden Carruth; On Getting up a Concert: Things to Do and Things to Avoid by Harold Knowlton, illus. Dorothy Furniss; an advert (full-page) for Stitchery No. 41; The Fascination of Organdie Flowers, illus. drawings; Home Affairs: Points to Study Before Winter Arrives by Mrs Gordon-Stables, illus. Bainbridge; Cooking for the Youngsters: School-room Dishes by Sally Isler; My Shopping Round by Mrs Gordon-Stables; Play Garments for Little People; School and Play Styles for Girls; colour plate: The Bluebell Field by Frank Dickson; A Comely Fashion by L. G. Moberly; Beatrice West Managing Director by Anne B. Gibson, illus. Elizabeth Earnshaw; Poems of the Deeper Life; The English Teacher on the Prairie and the Young Canadians that Await Her by Clare C. M. Wayland, illus. photos; The Faith of Friends [versr] by Lilian Gard; Jimmy Remembers by Marion E. Thornton, illus. Gordon Browne; Pieces from a Patchwork Bag [Dog and Cat verse/short tales], illus. drawings and photos; The Yielding of Perdita by Lily Watson; Party Politics, an Article for the Woman who Entartains, illus. Elizabeth Earnshaw; A Handbag from a Hem-stitched Scarf; Cakes for November Teas by Sally Isler; Why not Try an Indian Luncheon?; That Tired Feeling: Facts Worth Knowing about Fatigue by Josephine A. Jackson; In the Big Outdoors, illus. photos; To Say or Not to Say by Mary E. Tongue; The Secret Influence by Eileen Morley, illus. Ernest Prater; Useful to the Bachelor Girl; Take the Goods the Shops Provide You: Some of the Useful Novelties now on Sale by Mrs Gordon Stables; Small Houses that are Easily Managed; When Nursing at Home; On Training a Voluntary Choir by Harold Knowlton; Girls in Prominent Places [Mary Cambridge, Louis Montbatten], illus. photos; Specialised Knowledge; Hints on Spare-room Furnishing by Mrs Gordon-Stables; The Triangular Problem by Mrs Lovat; A Practical Travelling-Pocket; A Cross-over Dress in Two Styles; Books Worth Attention; A One-piece Crochet Frock; Attractive Collar and Cuff Sets; Does Your Dress Look Dowdy? [Amateur Dressmaker]; Dress pattern adverts; A Happy Christmas; The Christmas Child: A Little Bringer of Peace by Ethel Talbot, illus. P. B. Hickling; On Dressing the Christmas Tree; Mr Parkyn Keeps Christmas by Marion E. Thornton, illus. L. Pern Bird; The Consecration of our Speech by Lily Watson, illus. photos; People We Meet: Miss If-Only; The Office Right-Hand: One of the Secrets of Business Promotion by Mrs Lovat; Her Dreaded Christmas by Margaret Morrison, illus. Elizabeth Earnshaw; Cutting Down the Household Wages-bill; Make Him a Tie for Christmas; Perhaps they would like Slippers?; Woolly Presents for the Littlest Ones; Hand-Weaving: the Poplular Craft of To-day; How I Made my Hand-Loom; French Sitting-room Sweets that Can be Made with a Spirti Lamp by Marie Jacques; Her Farewell to Youth by Katherine Reynolds; A Ski-ing Holiday in Switserland by Carine Cadby, illus. photos; A Leap in the Dark by L. G. Moberly, illus. Elsie Anna Wood; Some Beautiful Calendars for 1923; The Unseen Side of Child Life a Review of the book by Elizabeth Harrison by Lily Watson; Uncommon Soups for Winter Meals by Sally Isler; French Dishes for Evening Parties by Marie Jacques; A Child's Knitted Frock; Why Not Give a Frunishing Present? by Mrs Gordon-Stables; Stained versus Painted Furniture; When Remodelling or Altering a Dress; Adverts for various clothes patterns [monthly]; Let us with a Gladsome Mind; The Develoopment of Martha by Darra More, illus. L. Perm Bird; Why be Discouraged? by Anne Stillwell; An Absolute Bohemian! by Chris Sewell; Dick's Family [birds] by Eda Kidd; The Sparrow Girl by Gwen Gwynne, illus. Treyer Evans; Poems of the Higher Way; The Discipline of the Affections by Lily Watson; The Ever-Present Brilliant Child: Why he Seldom makes a Brilliant Man by Mrs Lovat; The Great Ice Age; When the Furniture needs Renovation by Mrs Gordon-Stables; English Embroidery by Mrs Shearman; My Piece-Box [lace] by Norma May Hanshew; Natural Flower Designs for Cushions and D'oilies; The First Lady in the United States a Personal Impression of Mrs Harding by Frances G. Knowles-Foster, illus. photos; I've Decided to Go in for Music by Harold Knowlton; Six Living Poets and Coulson Kernahan by James Milne; Grandma at the School Entertainment by Mary E. Tongue; The Child's Companion which is not in its 100th Year [magazine] by Lily Watons; Ways to Use your Cranberries; Suppers for the Bachelor-Girl by Marie Jacques; To the Old Year [verse] by Renney G. Rowlatt; Evaporated mild and its Many Uses by Sally Isler; Cooking the Dinner with a Single Gas-ring; Monograms for Jumpers and Blouses; Answers to Correspondents; Glad Rags! by Fay Inchfawn; At our Women's Institute by Mary Meadows; Tinker, the Dog by Gwyneth M. Starr, illus. L. Perm Bird; Other People's Customs in Foreign Lands from Letters of our Readrs Overseas, illus. photos; The Country Mouse by Ethel Earle, illus. Elizabeth Earnshaw; Hanging the Spring Curtains by J. S. Bainbridge; Some Shetland Recipes by Margaret Sandison; Savory Dishes for February by Sally Isler; The Lighter Side of Domestic Science: Extracts from a College Magazine; Cookery in Other Countries; Pieces from a Patchwork Bag; Music as a Career; Prayer as a Force by Lily Watson; To Make your Bible Reading Clearer; Leaf Pictures by Mary Frances Billington; Cooking Stoves for the Bachelor-Girl by Mrs Gordon Stables; Home Affairs by Mrs Gordon Stables; Making a Fireside Pouffee by D. Gale, illus. photos; This is the House that Jack Built: Designed for the Servantless Household; Washing-up as a Fine Art; The Charm of the Waistcoat; A Jumper in the New Tapestry Knitting; Present-day Use of Old-time Needlecraft; More Dress Wrinkles; The Wholly Superflous; Finding Beauty by Anne Bryan McCall; When She Realised! by Anne Charles, illus. L. Perm Bird; Painting Rock Garden by Maude Angell, illus. Angell; My First Speech by Chris Sewell; Some Difficulties in Prayer by Lily Watson; When the Business Girl Marries: Need Her Troubles Begin? by Mrs Lovat; Fruit, Flowers and Birds in Furnishings by Mrs Gordon-Stables; New Ideas in Cushions and Cosies; The Elixir of Youth; Her Majesty Queen Alexandra, illus. photos; The Royal Marriage [Duke of York/Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon], illus. photos; Elizabeth and her Italian Garden [book review] by James Milme; Casseroles and Orange Blossoms a Glimpse of a Little Rock Village of the French Riviera by Blanche McManus; Life's Little Problems; Gain-Weight Cookery by Marie Jacques; Have You Tried Sweet Salada?; Belgian Beignets and Other Dainties by Marie Jackques; Home Affairs; A Child's Knitted Play Suit; The New Jacquette Blouse; The Dress Sense; A New-shaped Bag in Suede Leather; The Right Work and the Right Girl by Helen M. Bennett, illus photos; The Personal Touch by Jessie H. Hayllar, illus. Elizabeth Earnshaw; The Useless Day: A Homely Peom by Fay Inchfawn; Springtime in the Yorkshire Dale by Jessie Jeanes; On the Consecrations of Our Time by Lily Watson; The Vogue of Collecting Snuff-boxes by Mrs Gordon-Stables; What Happens When We Sing by Harold Knowlton; The Loveliness of British Guiana by Agnes C. Lord, illus. photos; Who Wrote the 'Te Deum' by Dean of Salisbury, illus. phtos; A Sheaf of Poems; Tables for Two; In My Walks Abroad by Mrs Gordon-Stables; Modern Methods in Spring Cleaning; Cooking Eggs in France by Marie Jacques; Suppers for the Bachelor Girl by Sally Isler; Finishings [dressmaking]; The Latest in Knitted Jumpers; Woolly Garments for Little Girls; Elizabeth's Match by Nina Condron, illus. Ernest Prater; Trivialities and a Word about Pettiness and the Perspective; Dogs Ancient and Modern by Persis Krimse, illus. Kirmse; Useful Accessories for Bachelor Girls; Book-plates are so Distinctive by Walter E. Spradbery; The Sunshine Takes a Hand by Cyneth M. Starr, illus. P. B. Hickling; A Little Gem of a House; Cooking Veal in France by Marie Jacques; Why not Carve your Fowl in the Kitchen?; Cake is not Really Hard to Make by Caroline B. King; Belgian Recipes by Marie Jacques; The Girl in an Insurance Office: What she should Know is she Seeks Promotion by A. Philpott, illus. Elizabeth Earnshaw; Singing Self-Taught by Harold Knowlton; The Music Maker; Poems of the Big Outdoors; Mending One's Nerves; The Prospects of the Drawing-room by Mary Frances Billington; Wollies for boys and Girls; Making your Summer Underwear; A Garden's Wild Music: The Song of the Stonecrop by Frank Garth; Margaret Melladew's Vactaion by Mrs Coulson Kernahan, illus. Elizabeth Earnshaw; The Man and his New Homw by Caroline Benton, illus. Rosa Lee; The Home of Gilbert White [Selborne] by maude Angell, illus. Angell; The Perennial Charm of the Dolls' House: Specimens from the Victoria and Albert Museum; A Nature Poet of To-day: W. H. Davies by Coulson Kearnahan, illus. photos; Into the Limelight by Ethel L. Earle, illus. P. B. Hickling; Do You Understand Great Pictures?; H.R.H. Prince Henry; Between Dark and Daylight by Ruth W. Herrick, illus. Elizabeth Earnshaw; Why Buy only Half a Dress?; Why Not Crazy-Pave the Paths?; Books Worth Buying; The Bachelor-Girl's Suppers by Sally Isler; Cooking Vegetables in France by Marie Jacques; News About Novelties; Fascinating Curtain Tops; Crocheted Hats for Sports Wear; Wick Work or Tufted-Stitch; The Newest Knitted Blouse; Designs to Trace and Apply; A New Life for Old Lace; The Exploitation of Vanity; The Rose Farms of Italy by Blanche McManus, illus. photos; Camouflaging the W.P.B.; Square Inches: The Romance of a Small Garden by Frank Garth; The Cottage Homes of England; Dealing with Depression; What Makes a Painted Portrait 'Great'?; French Savoury Dishes and Entrees by Marie Jacques; No Room in Arcadia by Dorothy Rose, illus. Elizabeth Earnshaw; A Home in One Room by Mrs Gordon-Stables; When You Spply for a Post: Some Points that the Novice often Ovelooks by Mrs Lovat; The Art of French polishing; Some Extracts from Readers' Letters; Hand-made Ornaments and Clasps; Pretty Things for Coming Bazaars; Net Inset Work; Buy Some Flowers of Narcissus by Frank Garth; The Room at the Bakc of Our Hearts by Hilary Brown; The Motive Power of Love by Lily Watosn; Seashell Flowers; The Puppy Cure by J. F. M. Beattie; Jaunts and Jottings; The Husband's Point of View with Regard to Home Decoration; A Wonderful Room at Girton by Mary Frances Billington; The Value of Vision by Mrs Lovat; The Charm of the Pictures by Dutch Artists; Carving Model Dogs from Cigar-boxes by Persis Kirmse; Have you any Oriental Ornaments?; The Primrose Path by G. E. Grubb; Hospital Almoners by Mary Frances Billington; Aunt Matilda's Dressing-Jacket by E. Talbot, illus. Elizabeth Earnshaw; How Shall I Finish off the Edge?; Holiday Work for the Beach; Peasant Embroidery; Easily-made Garments; Index. Illustrated with a colour frontispiece, title-page and 1 internal plate; throughout with monochrome drawings and photographs. The odd fox spot; very good; complete with poor (front panel present, both flaps present, parts of spine present, nearly all of the back panel missing, general edge-wear) wrapper, (the photos show the wrapper in an archive protective cover, I did not remove it so as not to disturb it).

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