Various: The Girl's Own Annual Vol. 52.

Various - The Girl's Own Annual: Stories of Adventure, Mystery, School and Sport, and Interesting Articles on Handicrafts, Hobbies, Sports and Travel. Vol. 52 (LII). Edited by J. Burnett Knowlton. RTS. Not dated, 1931? This was the first GOP annual that was solely aimed at actual girls, rather than having mainly women's content. 11¼" x 8¼", 576pp plus 4 plates, red buckram, pictorially blocked front-board (girl sking) and spine, black blocked front-board lettering, gold blocked spine lettering, hardback. Illustrated endpapers (sports day, identical). Contents: Colour frontispiece 'Captain of the Team'; The Girl from the Backwoods by Edith Wendon, illus. Sutcliffe; Dormice as Pets by M. H. Crawford; Duty and the Heroines by Edna Lake, illus. Leslie N. Shepherd; Lacrosse, and how to Play It by A. B. Childe; Physical Training as a Career by L. W. Fleming; The Tale-Tellers' Club by Margaret Ironside, illus. ?; The Birth of Hockey by August Renton; Pewter Relief Modelling by June Wyndham; A School for Canaries by A. O. Scott; The Seven Azalea Blossoms by A. C. Stratton, illus. ?; Jean's Great Adventure by C. M. Drury; A Proverb from Holland by Stuart Robertson; Skating this Winter? by Beryl McCartney; The Secret of the River by Geoffrey Prout, illus. J. R. Burgess; Making a Winter Garden by Barbara Adams; Kirke's "Lambs" by W. H. Morris; Are You a Marguerite or a Daisy? by R. E. St. Leger-Gordon; An Adventurous Dance by Elisabeth Smedley; Mots Croises; Repeating Patterns by Muriel Coates; Stella's Joke by Mary Shelley; The Romance of Fireworks by A. St. H. Brock; The Queen of Northumbria: A Tale of the Early Saxons by T. Herapath; A Food Tray on a Window Ledge; The Last Hope by Beryl Lawley; colour plate by Sutcliffe; Dentistry for Girls; The Voice of Silence by Stuart Robertson; The Princess who Came Back: A Fairy Play in Three Scenes by Patricia Lynch, illus. Molly Taylor; Nine Hundred Years Ago by Manetta Sugar; Almost a Ghost by Beryl Netherclift; Ring Tennis; Zoo Babies by W. S. Berridge, illus. photos; Make a Raffia Trinket Box; Birds' Nest Soup by S. L. Bastin; Christmas in Australia by P. B. Prior; The King's Birthday by Mavis Mould; A Career for all Girls [nurse] by Louise Butler; French Proverbs; One Christmas Eve by Sibyl Haddock; Christmas Wrappings by V. C. Alexander; Three Queens by C. M. Edmondston; The Box that Became a Cottage by Stuart Robertson; Comforted [verse] by Anne G. Stewart; Christmas - Long Ago by Nina Thorncroft; Simple Leatherwork; photo of the Eiffel Tower from the air; "Betty": A Chat about our Poplual Tennis Star [Betty Nuthall] by John R. Tunis; A Miniature Garden by W. H. Morris; The Golden Pelican by Estrith Mansfield; Free for the Maid's Sake; The Colour we Like; Architecture: A Fascinating Career for Girls by Barbara Adams, illus. photos; The Mysterious Miss Manners: A Story of Westhelmstone School by Phyllis Kerr; Harvesting Sponges; A Fountain Unfailing by Stuart Robertson; Because of Their Brothers by Sheena Grant; Sleigh Dogs; Fancy Dress Costumes by Estelle Harbord; Chocolate Rocks; Sing a Song of Sixpence [play] by Charlotte Druit Cole; Sourires; A Chat About Gloves by James Cassidy; The Literature Prize by P. M. Frost; Sheila's Sheep by Estrith Mansfield; Scraps by Estelle Harbord; February by Marion Wright; The Scarlet Signal by Joan Raxworthy; A Food Table on the Lawn by M. H. Crawford; What Sunshine Does [health] by O. N. Kelly; colour plate by F. M. Leicester; Poor Bad Names!; The Trials of Maive by May Wynne; A New Use for Hedgehogs' Quills; A Little Word with a Big Meaning by Stuart Robertson; Among the Swiss by May Pemberton; Paper-Mache by Dorothie Eveleigh; The Outsider by Phyllis Kerr; The Hobby of Collecting by June Wyndham; Moths in Millions; Fatma by Doris Canham; The Queerest Lamp in the World by H, M. Hobson; A Tramping Holiday by Barbara Adams; A Hat and Scarf to Match; The Haunted Caves by Pensta Hill; The Doubles Championship by Beryl C. Lawley; The Right Touch by Stuart Robertson; The Indiscretions of Tums by Howard Brown; Leaving it to Cynthia by Beryl C. Lawley; The World's Most Valuable Insect; All About Goldfish by W. S. Berridge, illus. photos; The Chosen Chum by A. E. Seymour; Singular and Plural; How Jean Broke Her Word by May Wynne; The Old Brigade by May Wynne; A Mother of Bears by Scott Rogers; In Camp with the Guides: A Trip Round Europe by M. St. J. Fancourt, illus. photos; Stumbling-block or Stepoing-stone? by Stuart Robertson; Coward - or April Fool? by Beryl Netherclift; Why do We Give Easter Eggs? by Gladys E. Goldsmith; The Birthday of Bashful Fifteen by E. M. De Foubert; Have You Tried Decorating Glassware? by Mona Miles; Why Salmon is Pink; Where Shelties Come From; Blindman's Buff by Phyllis Kerr; Cornish Crosses by Edith E. Carter; Veterinary Medicine as a Career for Girls, illus. photos; Photographing a Spider's Web; Our Cup of Tea by John Struthers, illus. photos; Mollie to the Rescue by Beryl Netherclift; Violets for Luck by Estrith Mansfield, illus. John De Walton; The Lump and the Limit by Sibyl Haddock; Draught Games; Set a Thief --- by Phyllis Kerr; Some Famout Girl Cricketers by Barbara Adams; Preserving Flowers; The Princess and the Little Grey Dream [play] by Margaret Haig; Photography as A Career by Muriel Blackburn, illus. photos; Invisible Food by Stuart Robertson; Some Birds Sing and Some Birds Hum by Lalosa; Roof Gardens; Ailie Assists by Hilda Kingsley; The Virtues of Water by Elsie McIntyre Safford; Domestic Animals and their Wild Ancestors by W. S. Berridge, illus. photos; Making the Best of the Summer by Barbara Adams; A Box made from Post Cards by Estelle Harbord; Drusilla Aylmer's Dare by Phyllis Kerr; Flower Names by June Wyndham; Swimming-Pool Games by Sid G. Hedges; Birds on a Liner; Wanted - An Adventure by Dora M. Hardisty; colour plate by C. P. Shilton; Placing the Emphasis by Stuart Robertson; The Weak Clasp by Jean Ashley; The School Play: Some Hints to those Taking Part in It by H. Markham; The Secret of Trelant by Marguerite Austin; A Memory of Alice [in Wonderland] by May Pemberton; Cat's Cradle byu marion B. Stanford; Hesperus and Phosphorus by Enid Swale; Orders of Chivalry by Horace Wyndham; Ice-cream without a Freezer by Margaret Haig; Shall we ever Fly to School? by Norah Cameron, has an aerial view of Croydon Air Port; The Ages of Animals by Muriel Coates; Barbara's Book by Mary Shelley; The Tale of a Bag by Dora M. Hardesty; A Drinking Fountain for Birds and Animals by M. H. Crawford; Knowing by Stuart Robertson; A Marine Aquarium by W. H. Morris; The Fight for the Shield by Jean Ashley; Drought as it Really Is by M. E. Brewster; Fencing can be Good Fun! by Peggy Whitford; Hangers-on; Spilt Ink by Irene Wynn; Tea-time by Estelle Harbord; Hints Worth Remebering; Could I Become a Singer?: A Career for a Chosen Few; A New Collection by Violet M. Methley; Australian Gold by C. H. Isles; Lamplighters by Stuart Robertson; My Caravan: The Story of a Girl's Adventure with a Bookshop on Wheels by Lesley Frost. Illustrated with 4 colour plates and within the text with monochrome drawings and photographs. ¾" tear to front-margin of pages 153-156, very slight edge-foxing, very good plus, sound, bright, clean, tight copy; complete with very good (very slight foxing, slighte edge-wear) wrapper.


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