Various: The Girl's Own Annual Vol. 51.

Various - The Girl's Own Annual Vol. 51. Edited by Flora Klickmann. RTS. Not dated, 1930? This was the last 'traditional' Girls' Own Paper and Woman's Magazine annual; from vol. 52 onwards the content was aimed purely at younger readers, with the Woman's Magazine type content dropped. 11¼" x 8¼", 800pp plus 3 plates (or which 2 are the frontispiece and title-page), green cloth, pictorially blocked front-board (girls in punt) and spine, cream blocked front-board lettering, gold blocked spine lettering, hardback. Illustrated endpapers (identical). Contents: Saints Unawares by Lady Norah Spencer Churchill; So Many Longings [verse] by Mary Eversley; Carnival by Marion E. Thornton, illus. P. B. Hickling; The Return by Sister Vera, illus. P. B. Hickling; In Thanksgiving [verse] by Annie Sophia Waples; Club Chatter, illus. Anne Rochester; Evening in October! [verse] by Hilary Brown; A Strange Courtship by Amy Le Feuvre, illus. Ernest Prater and Anne Rochester; Old Cottages at Westham, Sussec, single photo by Edgar R. Bull; Our Need of Joy by Lily Watson, illus. photos; Autumn Days [verses]; Interesting People in Public Life [Princess Mary, Viscountess Cranborne and son, Duchess of York, Countess Howe, Miss Dolores de Grey Warter, Lady Hamar Greenwood, Princess Louise, Miss Joan Manning Saunders with father and mother, Mrs Lancelot Lowther and son, Duchess of Buccleuch with daughters, Duke of Norfolk and mother, Hall Thorpe, Mrs Watson, Robert and Lady Baden-Powell, W. L. Wyllie and wife, William Hart-Dyke and Lady Emily Caroline Montague, Vicomte and Vicomtess de Sibour, the children of the King and Queen of Egypt, Lord Eskdaill and sister, Desmond Cyril Scott, Viscountess Folkestone and children, Florence Austral and husband, Lord Lascelles and Gerald Lascelles, Florence Austral, Miss Cullis], illus. photos; Not a Minute to Spare by a ward-sister in a London Hospital, illus. Anne Rochester; On their Own: Some Girls' Adventure in Modern Enterprise by Lucy H. Yates; The Editor Answers Some of the Questions Asked by Readers; Decorative Walls by Leonard V. Dodds; Staying Away by Mrs Massey Lyon; Private Flying in Britain by Sicele O'Brien; No Imagination by Ray Dorien, illus. Anne Rochester; Precious Scraps by Lillian Gard; Our Greatest Reading-Room [British Museum] by James Milne, illus. photos; Common Sense and Modern Art by Dorothy Furniss; When is a Bedroom Furnished? by A Holiday--Maker; The Signora Speaks [sewing hints from Italy] by Euphemia Torry; Treasure Trove: An Idyll of The Broads by Ethel Earle; Ginghamise Your Bedroom by Blanche Mialle; Some Lovely Embroidered Linens; Worked with Raffia; October Ordering [things to buy] by Mrs Gordon-Stables; Gosling and Goose: As Cooked in Various Lands by Cora Hewett; Sunday Morning Cookery by C. J. Robertson; A Royal Herd of Jerseys at the Dairy, Sandringham, single photo; Pity the Rough Diamond by Gertrude Lady Decies, illus. Ernst Prater; What Being Royal Means to Royalty by Mrs Massey Lyon; An Artist in Ivorine; At the Museum by Ray Dorien; Guy! Guy! Guy! by Mary E. Tongue; The Problem: by Doris Canham; Your Portrait in Pottery; Sir Walter Scott's Home, 2 photos by A. H. Robinson, no text; Familiar Joys [verses]; The Trouble that Never Happened by Lily Watson; Round the World, illus. photos; Types we Meet by Blanche Mialle; A Case of Repression by DOra Fowler Martin, illus. Mills; When you Learn to Fly: Some of the Preliminaries your Instructor will Deal with, when you take your First Lessons by Sicele O'Brien; A Girl's Thoughts [verses] by Maude Gurney Tyler; Our Jubilee ['advert' for next month's issue] by The Editor; Those Minor Details [furniture] by Baseden Butt; Profitable Safety for Your Money by Chandos Bidwell; Woodwork in the Modern Home by Leonard V. Dodds, illus. photos; Getting On with In-Laws: An Outspoken Letter on an Intimate Subject by Edith Delano; Art Through the Letter-Box by Joan Revel; The Flavoursome Herring by C. J. Robertson; Danish Dishes Made from Sour Milk by Cora Hewett; November Tweeds: Some of the Pints in Paris Dress Wear; The Talker by Rachael Thouless; Notes upon Novelties by Mrs Gordon-Stables; Oddments Every Girl Needs and Just the Thing for Christmas; New Shapes in Pewter by Meriel St. Olaves; Our fiftieth Birthday by The Editor; The Listening Post: A New Novel by Grace S. Richmond; Christmas Chatter at the Club; Launching the G.O.P. by Lily Watson; Aniversary Messages from the Great and Good; The Boy by May Courtenay Sutton; Women are Greater than the Classics by Lady Norah Spencer Churchill; Her Wish by Kaye Navarre; The Christmas Outlook [2 photos]; 16 sides of photographs reproduced in photogravure [Windsor Castle; A Winter Etching; The Marchioness of Aberdeen and Temair; Lyn Bridge Mill, Lynton; Some of our Atrists: Ernest Prater, C. J. Vine, Harold Copping, T. Peddie; In Charge of the Baby (dogs); Flower Patch Pictures (Klickmann's home and garden); Takaklaw Falls, Yoho National Park, Canada; The Pelorus Bridge, South Island, New Zealand; Garden (part) of Herbert S. Gayand Otto Khan; Russell Falls, Tasmania; Chamonix; Winter Sports in England; A Cart Load of Mischief (kittens in a toy-cart)];Charles Peters as I Knew Him by E. Henderson-Smith; The First Lessons in the Air [flying] by Sicele O'Brien; Butterflies and Buddleia: A Garden Fancy by Coulson Kernahan; Suggestions for Presents; Gorgeous Porcelains of To-day: Showing Lovely Royal Doulton Designs; Christmas Cards by Ray Dorien; The Gilt Mirror by Gertrude Holton; Some of Our Popular Contributors [photos of Doris Canham, Massey Lyon, Lady Scott, Jessie Jeanes, Rosa Lee and lilian Gard]; The Present Problem [gifts]; Christmas Cakes and Goodies; Compensation [verse] by P. K. Norman; The Deathless Work [verse] by Fay Inchfawn; Soul-Making by Lily Watson; H.R.H. the Princess Royal by Mrs Massey Lyon; Circumstantial Evidence by Hilary Starr; Songs of Rest [verse] by Lillian Gard; The Common-Sense Wife by Lady Norah Spencer Churchill; The Loveliness of Age [verses]; A New Idea for a "Sale" by Winifred S. Telford; This "No Resolution" Business by Dora Fowler Martin; About Flying Licences by Sicele O'Brien; Painting for the Royal Family by Gertrude Massey; colour plate 'On the Coast of Devonshire' by Ernest Prator; Identirying Old English Laces; Fighting the Frost; Along Life's Pathway [verses]; An Indoor Hobby: Either for Decoration or Presents; On Orange Pincushion; Women as Bookbinders; Useful Discoveries Made on a Voyage in Search of Novelties for the Home by Mrs Gordon-Stables; A Rose Pincushion; A Competition Letter; pork in the Menu by C. J. Robertson; Our Nearest and Dearest can by Trying by Lady Norah Spencer Churchill; Changing One's Occupation by The Editor; H.R.H. the Princess Marie-Jose by Mrs Massey Lyon; My Favourite Period of the World by Viscountess Massereene and Ferrard; Tears, Idle Tears? by Lily Watson; Seeing the African Sahara by James Milne, illus. photos; "Pleased with a Feather" by Coulson Kernahan; On Valentines; Organising a Local Fete by Lady Stucley; Round the World: Glimpses of People and Things; Sport: An End or a Means? by Chandos Bidwell; Before the Spring [verses]; An Island of Millionaires [Long Island, New York] by Howard Hensman, illus. photos; Miss Marcia's Bag by Mary Easton; The s. d. of Flying [cost, fascinating] by Sicele O'Brien; The Story of a Key-stone: And the Clue to the Writing; The Ever-Popular Raffia; Scandinavian Table-Centres; Paragraphs upon Practicalities by Mrs Gordon-Stables; Have You Tried Barbola Workd?; The Woman Foreign Correspondent by Margaret Cooper; March [verse] by Annie Sophia Waples; Baden-Baden in the Black Forest Makes an Ideal Holiday by Mrs. Gordon-Stables,; In Fraser's Window by Shiona Douglas, illus. Mills; On Toys and Taste by Joan Ravel; Cross-Country Flying by Sicele O'Brien, illus. photos; What is Friendship? by Lily Watson; The School Concert by Ray Dorien; Tapestries are an Investment by Viscountess Massereene and Ferrard; When Arranging Flowers; Are Your Books Real Friends? by Winifred S. Telford; Camilla Clears Corners by Shiona Douglas; Keep the Country Clean! by Chandos Bidwell; Miss Trim Turns up Again: and Tells Us How to Come Into Line with the New Fashion; Mention Must Be Made of a Number of Useful Gadgets for the Home, Found in Shopland by Mrs Gordon-Stables; Spring Fashions; Very Many Happy Returns [Princess Elizabeth, the current Queen, 4 years old]; A Shef of Peoms by Fay Inchfawn; Studies in Femininity: Have You Ever Met Them?; Spain for Tourists by Euphemia Torry, illus. photos; When the Sky is Cloudy [verse] by Hilary Brown; Need We Grow Old? by Lily Watson; A Plea for Mantelpieces by Kathleen Bailey; Concerning Royal Ladies; Well-Know People; Interesting Grils, illus. photos; Vignettes; A Budding Genius by Enid M. Norman; April Beauty [verses]; Trespassers Will Be...! by Chandos Bidwell, illus. photos; Keeping an Aeroplane of One's Own by Sicele O'Brien; A Garden on Your Dinner Table; Pictures of French Peasant Life and the Countryside Produce; The Modern Dining-Room by G. Baseden Butt; Modern Improvements [verses]; Easter Fare for Your Country Visitors by C. J. Robertson; Now That April's Here Housewives Should Keep in Touch with the Novelites by Mrs Gordon-Stables; Many Happy Return by Jeanie Rose Brewer, illus. Elizabeth Earnshaw; The Jolly Chump by Norah J. E. Hartley, illus. J. Mills; Flower-Viewing in Japan by A. O. Stott, illus. photos; The Beauty of Old Age by Lady Norah Spencer Churchill; Wayfaring in the Swiss Mountains by Jessie Jeanes, illus. photos; Mediaval Woodwork Fascinates Me by Viscountes Massereene and Ferrard, illus. photos; The Worry of Straitened Means by Lily Watson; Camel Trekking in Sind by An Official's Wife, illus. photos; A Woman's Gardens by Nina Rexford; Royalties - Big and Little [photos]; Interesting Portraits [photos]; Poems by Fay Inchfawn; The Charm of the Golden Rod by Coulson Kernahan, illus. photos; Feather Paintings by Joan Ravel; Some of the Light Aeroplanes for the Private Owner [Simmonds Spartan, Blackburn Bluebird, Avian, Gipsy Moth Coupe], illus. photos; May Manoeuvres by Mrs. Gordon Stables; The Wreckers in the Woods by Chandos Bidwell; Increasing Your Possessions by Katharine Havilard-Taylor; The Purple Star by Enid M. Norman, illus. J. Mills and photos; Iceland Calling by Anne Dempster, illus. photos; The Hill Difficulty by Lily Waston; Can You Grow Roses in Town? by J. B. Wells; The Glamour of June [verses]; A Book of Remembrance by Fay Inchfawn; Preserve the Peace of the Country-side by Chandos Bidwell; How Shall I Serve? by Lucy H. Yates; When You Choose CHina by G. Baseden Butt; June Shopping by Mrs Gordon-Stables; Catering for a Wedding Reception by C. J. Robertson; Gestures the World Never Sees by Gertrude Lady Decies; The Adoption by Margaret Morrison, illus. P. B. Hickling; Outings and Innings by Ray Dorien; Lacquer on Individual Lines by Joan Ravel; Here and There; A Passion for Flowers by Dorothy Rose; The Divine Champion by Lily Watson; A Raffia-Worked Blotter; Flower Poems; Round About Algiers by A. C. Settergren, illus. photos; Restful Country or Rowdy Fair-ground? by Chandos Bidwell; Make Life a Paying Investment by Lady Norah Spencer Churchill; Outdoor Verses by Annie Sophia Waples; Concerning Compensation by Lily Watson; Fourpaws by Helen Evans; Are You Lonely? by Ethel Talbot; Types of English Girlhood [6 photos]; Fez for a Holiday by Lady Stucley, illus. photos; Those Devastating Thrills! by A Ward Sister in a London Hospital; The Woman who was Too Comfortable by Dora Fowler Martin, illus Elizabeth Earnshaw; A Holiday with a Trailer Caravan by Ella Rose, illus. photos; The Latest Types of Light Aeroplanes by Sicele O'Brien; The Resuscitation of Rustic Crafts; A Parson's Wife in Old-Time Canada by Helen M. Hill; August Adventure in Shipland by Mrs Gordon-Stables; A Woman Enameller; Whispers of Night [verse] by Doris Canham; Poems by Fay Inchfawn; Hosekeeping in Rome by Euphemia Torry, illus. photos; So Obvious! by Ethel Earle; Building a Library by John Bloomsbury; Her Frock: In Six Stage by Ray Dorien; As Lights in the World by Lily Watson; Petit Mustapha by A. C. Settergren; Birthday Flowers by Dorothy Rose, illus. L. Pern Bird; A Woman's Work in Stained Glass Windows by Joan Ravel; Golden Romance; Is England to Lose Her Rural Beauty? by Chandos Bidwell; By-ways in Berkshire by Maude Angell, illus. Angell; For Sylvia and the Captain by Doris Canham; When you Attempt Aerobatics by Sicele O'Brien; What Makes Married Happiness from a Husband's View-Point; Index. Illustrated with a colour frontispiece and title-page, 1 colour plate [as required] and throughout the text with monochrome drawings and photographs. Slightly sunned spine; faint edge-foxing; very good; complete with good ('dusty', wear to back-flap edge and adjacent area; variable browning to verso; sunned spine) wrapper. This is an exceptionally good copy of this annual complete with very scarce wrapper.


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