Our: Our Darlings.

Our - Our Darlings. John F. Shaw, not dated, inscribed 1914. 10" x 7ΒΌ", 290pp plus 12 plates, quarter red cloth, paper covered boards (front colour illustration of people ice-skating on a pond or river; back cover a monochrome illustrated Allenburys' Foods advert), black blocked spine lettering and decoration, hardback. Illustrated endpapers by Louis Wain, cats (different front and back). Contents: When Hawkins Sailed the Sea by Tinsley Pratt, illus. E. Stuart Hardy (ESH) [long story]; Determination [verse], illus. A. Conolan; General Gordon by Alice Corkran, illus. ?; Hush-a-bye Baby [music and words]; The Poor Little Pig [verse]; Such a Love of A Dog, anon, illus. CMB?; full-page mono. drawing of begging rats by Harry B. Neilson; Paleface and Redskin by F. Anstey, illus. Gordon Browne (I think); The Tabby Cat's Concert , anon, illus. A. Conolan; Baskets: A Page for the Little Ones by Catharine Shaw; In Search fro an Egg, anon, illus. N. Buchanan; Joan Under the Sea, anon, illus. A. E. Newby; Imitation is the Sincerest Flattery [verse], illus. F. M. Williamson; The Talking Horse, anon, illus. ?; A Dreadful Holiday!, anon, illus. Grenville Manton; Baa, Baa, Black Sheep [music and words]; Bye Baby Bunting [music and words]; illustration by L. Renouf with a verse caption by Helen Taylor; Nelson by Alice Corkran, illus. ?; Cock-a-doodle-doo! [words and music]; The Price of a Trip Abroad, anon, illus. ESH; The Pre-Ocupied Cow [verse], illus. A. Conolan; Tommy and the Catapult, anon, illus. L.R.; Catastrophe [verse], illus. Dorothy M. Graves; Bimble, Bamble, Bumble [music and wrods]; Fishermen, anon, illus. ?; A Welcome, anon, illus. ESH?; John and Priscilla, anon, illus. A. Conolan; The Teddy Bear [verse], illus. Ethel Parkinson; The Golden Eagle's Nest: A Story for Boys by E. S. Hirsch, illus. ?; There was a Crooked Man [music and words]; mono. illus. by L. Renouf with a verse caption by Helen Taylor; full-page mono. illus. by F. M. Williamson; In the Match-Box Attic, anon, illus. ESH; Acorn Cups [verse], illus. Dorothy M. Graves; The King of France [music and wrods]; Don: The Story of a Greedy Dog by F. Anstey, illus. Gordon Browne; Humpty Dumpty March and Humpty Dumpty [music and words]; Fifteen Cows and a See-Saw, anon, illus. ESH; An Unnatural Shrimp [verse], illus. full-page mono. drawing by L. Renouf; The Story of a Sugar Prince by F. Ansstey, illus. Gordon Browne; The Jolly Millar and Cuckoo! Cherry Tree [music and words]; Flying Felis [verse], illus. Harry B. Neilson; Jacko's Trial, anon., illus. H. G. C. Marsh; A 'Merry-Go-Round', anon., illus. ?; a two-third page space-filler drawing of a cockeril with hen and chicks on its back by Louis Wain; one-third page space-filler drawing of a dog and a duckling by Louis Wain; Three Little Mice and A Child's Grace [music and words]; With Stanley and the Pigmies by Alice Corkran; The Children's Room, anon, illus. Ethel Parkinson; A River Picnic, anon., illus. ESH; Tit for Tat [verse], illus. Frank M. Williamson; Miss Jappy Goes Shopping, anon., illus. May Gladwin; The Little Mer-Maiden's Wedding [verse], illus. May Gladwin; Rub-a-Dub-Dub! [music and words]; No Admittance for Dogs [verse], illus. Louis Wain [single page]; The Dragon and the White Eagles, anon., illus. Edith Ewen; A Sunny Morning, anon., illus.ESH; A Toy Tragedy by F. Anstey, illus. Gordon Browne (I think); two-third page space-filler drawing of a cat carrying books by Louis Wain; Freddy and the Fireworks, anon.; Four-&-Twenty Tailors [music and words]; Daddy Bear, anon., illus. Harry B. Neilson; full-page drawing of a Leopard by Louis Wain; Scotland for Ever!, anon., illus. Cottington Taylor; A Hunting Strain and Dapple Grey [music and words]; The Elf and the Blackbirds, anon.; Christmas Morning, anon., illus. L. R.; Little Boy Blue [verse], illus. May Gladwin; A Hockey Player, anon., illus. ESH; A Due Reward [verse], illus. May Gladwin; The Selfish Kitten [verse], illus. Louis Wain [single page]; and, Christmas and the Children, anon., illus. ESH. Illustrated with monochrome drawings and 12 mounted (on dark-grey heavy paper) colour plates (most artists not identifiable, none by Wain). Edge and corner wear; some scratching to front cover; faint edge-foxing; prize-plate attached to front-free endpaper; good, solid, clean copy; no wrapper.


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