Dodge(ed.), Mary Mapes: St Nicholas: Vol. 28, May to October 1901.

St - St Nicholas: Vol. 28, May to October 1901. Issued as a bound volume. This is an American young persons monthly magazine. The Century Co/Frederick Warne. 9½" x 7", 582pp, red cloth, front and spine blocked in black and gold with lettering and decoration, hardback.

Contents: The Aldine Press by Pauline King; Anastesia's Elephant by Charles Battell Loomis; Careers of Danger and Daring by Cleveland Moffett [Bridge Builder, Fireman, Aerial Athlete, Wild-Beast Tamer, Dynamite Worker, Locomotive Engineer]; In the Sunny Southwest by Henry Inman [US]; Little Mistress Bridget by Emilla Elliott; Secrets, verse, by Jennie G. Clarke; The New Popularity of the Carrier-Pigeon by George Ethelbert Walsh; The Rainbow, verse, by Virna Woods; How the Government Promotes Ingenuity by Charles F. Benjamin; The Clever Yankee, verse, by Minnie W. Torrey; The Robin's Song, verse, by John Bennett; When Tillie Brings Her Tea-Set Out, picture by Elizabeth Shippen Green; The Tea-Set Blue, verse, by Rose Mills Powers; The Story of Barnaby Less by John Bennett [serial that runs over the complete year, 2 volumes, and into the next]; The Young Inventor by George A. Williams; Cynical Tommy, verse, by Frances Wilson; The Fifth of May in Japan, verse, by Mary McNeil Fenollosa; Talking of Charcoal by Ralph Benton; An Irish Lullaby and Going Hunting, verse, by Alfred Perceval Graves; Tell Me Daisy, words and music; My School, verse, by Jessie E. Sampter; The Coming of the Prince by Robert C. V. Meyers; Chinese Mother-Goose Rhymes by Isacc Taylor Headland; Part of the Great Wall of China, photograph; Paint Box and Camera by Tudor Jenks; The Prodigal Imp by Josephine Daskam; Our Wonderful Tongue, verse, by Grace Fraser; The Fairyland, verse, by Christopher Vanentine; Which?, verse by Edwin L. Sabin; Miss Arrogance by Marguerite Stabler; Katy's Queer Gift by A. I. Lyman; Fish Lines, verse by Jessica H. Lowell; The Funny Carpenter, verse by Archibald Hobson; Imprisoned in a Mine by Caroline Abbot Stanley; The Algonquin Medicine-Boy by Francis S. Palmer; Fingal the Giant, verse; Wild Flowers I Have Known, verse; The Daisy Song, verse by Herbert Dane; Queer Steeds by C. F. Holder; Baby Stuart by Jane Marsh Parker; The Gorgeous Giraffe, verse by Carolyn Wells; Words and Their History by R. W. McAlpine; An Explanation, verse by Valentine Adams; A Goose Game, verse by Forrest Crissey; The U.S.M. by Alice Morgan; Tons of Honey in a Gigantic Beehive by Eugene Murray-Aaron; Bessie May and Her Procession by Anna Isabel Lyman; Holidays, verse by Rose Mills Powers; The Mutiny, verse by William B. MacHarg; The Adventurers, verse by Edwin L. Sabin; "General Grant" by M Fritz Austin [about a dog, not the man]; Glimpses of Child Life in Japan by Theodore Wores; A Curious Change, verse by christopher Valentine; Two Students, verse by Benjamin Webster; Along the Line to Dover, verse by Eric Parker; A Boy of a thousand Years Ago by Harriet T. Comstock; A Conundrum, verse by Frances Wilson; The "Kearsarge's" Pennant at manila Bay by John M. Ellicott; How Sir Marmaduke Mars Saved the Life of a Lion, verse by Carolyn Wells; Elizabeth and Her Grandmother by Elizabeth Morgan; Young Folks of the Embassies at Washington by Abby G. Baker; Troublesome Neighbors by Tudor Jenks; Lost and Found by Lynn Roby Meeking; Boys and Girls in the Public Library by Harlan H. Ballard; A Young Kidd, verse by W. H. Sal; Miss Slip-O'-the-Tongue, verse by Emma Huntington Nason; The Imp's Matinee by Josephine Daskam; The Transmigration of Anunda by George Silva; A Song for Summer, verse by Eric Parker; Rhymeinate, verse by J. C. C. Patterson; The Junior Cup - Afterward by Allen French; Nothing Venture, Nothing Have, verse by Minnie L. Upton; Our Yellow Slave by C. F. Lummis; Borrowing Trouble by H. A. Honk; Nat and Tommy, verse by Christopher Valentine; The Port of Bottles by Eugene Murray-Aaron; The Indulgent Farmer, verse; Lullaby, verse by Albert Bigelow Paine; The Truant Daisy, verse by Mary White; The Children's Room at the Smithsonian by S. P. Langley (intro.) and Albert Bigelow Paine (main text); Counter-Thoughts, verse by Mary Mapes Dodge; John-a-Dreams, verse by Alice Brown; A Double Hero by Elizabeth H. Miller; Her Signature, verse by Maurice Clifford; The Observing Sportsman by Wilmot Townsend; Jingle, verse by G. G. Wiederseim; A Family Reunion, verse by Abbie Farwell Brown; A Blot Transformed, verse by Lida S. Price; A Song For School, verse by Laura E. Richards; The Imp and the Drum by Josephine Daskam; The Girl in the Well, verse; Two Strange Animals by John R. Coryell; A Model Speller, verse by Charles Battell Loomis; A Runaway Locomotive by David M. Steele; The Night Express, verse by William Hurd Hillyer; Tom, JR., Tomboy by Izola l. Forrester; A Prodigy, verse by E. l. Sylvester; The Ruby-Throated Humming-Bird by Henry Hales; The Little Fisheman, verse by Virginia Woodward Cloud; Old Ragamuff, verse by Anne Cleveland Cheney; Party Charades, verse by Carolyn Wells; The Merry-Go-Round, verse by Mary M. Parks; Wafted Waifs by Anne H. Woodruff; Monthly sections: St Nijcholas League, Nature and Science, Books and Reading, Letters, Riddles. Illustrated throughout with monochrome drawings and photographs; 6 monochrome frontispieces [W. L. Jacobs, Bernard J. Rosenmeyer (2), J. M. Gleeson, Bronzino, Jay Hambridge].

Corners rounded, slight edge wear, spine slightly sunned, hinges fairly weak and beginning to split, name and date (1951) written at head of front-free endpaper, contents clean and bright, (no wrapper, as issued).


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